Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Babies, heartbeats and tests

I am 16 weeks pregnant.  Heart beat was 155 at this last visit, which I did not miss, unlike last weeks appointment.  I had my AFP test this week and we are hoping and praying for "no news is good news" but if we hear from them, we will take it one step at a time.

The kids are still very excited for the baby and frankly, I can't even believe it is happening.  I started wearing maternity clothes this week.  Of course I have to buy new clothes as I cleared everything, as in all my maternity clothes, out quite some time ago.  Although now that I am clearly pregnant it seems to be far more exciting than in those early days.  I have started to feel fluttering of my passenger, inconsistently but no question about it.

Will asked me a few weeks ago if he could be in the room when the baby came.  I was slightly dumbfounded at the thought, and did in fact ponder it for a few moments.  As in "how would that work?", not as in, "we need to figure it out so he can be there," kind of way. 
I proceeded to tell him that "um, it is gross." 
He responded with, "What is gross?" 
Another pause..."It is messy." 
He responded, "But what is gross?" 
I quickly retort with, "It is bloody." 
He finally responds with, "Oh, I changed my mind." 
And we were off that subject.

Here is hoping that none of them ask if they can nurse.  Not that there is anything wrong with it.
They are going to make great big brother's and sister.  It is very exciting indeed! 
I have realized with this pregnancy that this is not just my pregnancy, this is happening to our entire family.  I don't know if Ollie, who turned 4 in April, will have a strong recollection of this time, but I am sure that Merri will and more than like Will.  Without question Merri is the most curious and certainly the most excited out of the three.  I can't wait until the day that they can feel the baby kicking.  It will be amazing for them.

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texasholly said...

Congratulations...that is so cool. I am really glad he backed out of wanting to be in the delivery room...I think that is best for all! ha. so cute.