Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A rarity, indeed

Today is the first day of school for Merri, 3rd grade and Will, 1st grade.  I took yesterday off to celebrate the final day of summer with the kids and the morning off to send them on the bus. 

But it is not the first day for Oliver.  No, it is not.  His first day of kindergarten starts on Tuesday. 
So today, in this moment, I have two boys home with me. Just the three of us. We don't generally refer to the kids by the two oldest or the two youngest, but by the bigs and the baby.

I stayed home after Oliver was born, for about 17months.  I used to know the number of days as it is then that I discovered I was not cut out to stay at home (and so very thankful that I have the choices that so many women in generations past did not have!).  But in short time frames I cherish staying home.  And now seeing the two youngest together, reminds me of these rare moments and I emblazen the image in my mind, almost stopping time.

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