Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Lights

In order to coax the kids from the baby sitter's yesterday I had to invite them to check out all of the Christmas lights that I saw on the way over. They were summarily disappointed because there were so few color lights along our drive home. "Christmas is all about colors and snow", Oldest declares. "I like the blue Chrishtmash lights", followed Middle with ever the slight lisp. "Look at that Momma", Oldest screams with delight. There is one house that has characters from Rudolph. "Did we pass the house with the Bumble yet?", Middle can hardly contain his excitement. "I want to see the Bumble now." He is absolutely precious. The innocence, the perfect ivory complexion and the twinkle in his eye. Such a doll and so very funny.

He has no idea what is in store for him on Christmas day. None of them do. Baby will just rip into the paper and then play with all the wrappings. Middle will stand in awe for a moment and then look at his sister and say, "Wow." Oldest will be too excited to put words together, so there will be many starts and stops. And finally she will blurt out "Santa came to our house!"

It is hard to maintain the Christmas Spirit after December 25th. We usually get our Christmas tree later in December and keep it up until January 6th. As that is the day it has been said that the Three Wise Men arrived bearing gifts. But the world at large has stopped blaring Christmas Carols in the stores or on the radio. But at our house we are still going full-tilt.

This truly is a great time of year. I work hard at teaching them what Christmas truly is about. Despite all the consumerism that takes over like the blob. So perhaps one day Oldest will say something like, "Christmas is all about love".

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