Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleep until you wake up

This simple luxury is one that you give up as a parent. We sleep until we wake up about once or twice a year, but no more than that. And this morning when I heard the movement and chattering in their room, was no different. I wanted to hide, burry myself under the covers and fall blissfully asleep. But alas, that is not a luxury afforded based on my motherhood status. I have willingly given this luxury up. Is there anything sweeter than your kids when they sleeping? I think not. They are so peaceful and cozy in their feety jammies. The way they are splayed on their backs with their arms flung out or with their bums in the air or with their heads jammed underneath their pillows and their feet are hanging off the bed. I go into their room every night and push the hair off their faces or put the covers back on or put their feet back in their beds.

As cozy and sweet as they are, they still get up far earlier than I am ready to get up. I have learned in my old age that I am much better in the morning than I am at night, so I just deal. We make our way downstairs and the kids are raring to go. We do have a morning routine which is good and they generally follow it. Baby gets a bottle. Oldest and Middle get cocoa. No breakfast until they are all dressed. After breakfast we brush teeth, shoes and coats on and then we are out the door. And on non-work days, who cares? They can do whatever they want. But they always have their bottle and cocoas work days or non-work days.

The day will come, sooner than we can ever imagine, when they will sleep later than me and I will long for those days of their feety jammies with their feet hanging off their beds. But for now I will try as hard as I can to sleep until I wake up.

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