Monday, December 24, 2007

The eve of Christmas

It is the most magical day/night of the year. I am already whipping the kids up into a frenzy. "It's Christmas Eve, guess who is coming tonight?" "SANTA CLAUS," they yell.

There is much to do, but I relish in the activity. Wrapping and preparing food. Tomorrow we will get up, open presents, pretty much all day and then head down to brother's house for a Christmas feast. It is his first Christmas in New England in 19 years. He and his family just moved back here in August. It is an exciting time for our family.

Queen Auntie 2 took the Mother of us All to the Patriot's game yesterday and while some of you may not think anything about this you need to know what a huge fan the Mother of us All is. While in most families it is the dad that is interested in sports, but not so in our house. The Father of us All has never been particularly interested in sports. And so it was my mom who instilled in all of us the love of the game. Growing up, there was a poster of a Patriots quarter back in our back hall. Mother of us All has not been to a game since it was fashionable to wear fur and drink brandy from a brown medicine bottle. So these tickets were the perfect gift. But these tickets weren't any old tickets, the tickets were for a Club Box at the new stadium. These tickets came with a preferred parking pass. This Club Box had food and drinks and its own bathroom. And the Patriot's? Well they are 15-0 and Troy Brown played-a special gift for the Mother of us All.

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