Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good bye my old friend

In November I wrote about my 35 mm camera and our rotary phone. I am a traditionalist and was hesitant to give up my Cannon EOS 35 mm camera, it is an awesome camera. I have taken some pretty professional looking pictures with this camera. This is the camera I have used since my daughter was a couple of months old. This camera means a lot to me. True it is big and clunky, but the pictures, well, it has been very good to us.

King Daddy has a
carpentry business and really needs a small compact digital camera. So Santa got him one this Christmas. Well really it is a present for the family and I am LOVING IT! Talk about instant gratification and the fact that I can post current pictures here, makes it all the more fun. Yesterday, the kids were at my in laws (they still are) and I was scrounging for something to take a picture of and then it hit me. I don't need them to take pictures of, I can take a picture of my old friend. See? Up there? That is a picture of my old friend. Isn't it GREAT???

I feel like I am now part of this new century. We do need to get a new phone and I guess I won't really be part of this new century until then, but for now...Isn't it GREAT!!???

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