Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nothing much of note, but...

Dear Reader, I forgot to mention this about last night. Prior to the prayers that King Daddy says when lighting the menorah, Oldest stopped him and said that she had a prayer that she learned at school. We all looked at her and she was off. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…” All the way through, with her hand on her heart, so tonight it was the same thing. Only tonight, she and Middle were in their underwear and pull up respectively, standing on the bench. I snapped a picture and then we proceeded with lighting the menorah. But what you miss by merely reading this is her emphasis, the nodding of her head and her absolute belief that this is a prayer. IT. IS. PRECIOUS.

This morning, my eyes opened before the alarm. Never a good thing. Everyone, sans Baby, comes into the bathroom and sits in the laundry baskets full of dirty laundry. “We just came into to see if dad was in the shower?” “Well, uh, no it is me. Why don’t you head down stairs and tell daddy that Baby is awake.” “No we want to stay here with yoooouuuuu.” And that, Dear Reader, is how it all began.

Nothing of note when getting everyone ready or me for that matter, but Baby did climb into the dryer, he was so very proud of himself. He sat there happily snuggling with his blankie, in his fort. I called Oldest and Middle to see him and snapped a picture. I know, I know that is dangerous. I am not new at motherhood, I KNOW it is dangerous. After I took the picture I removed Baby, shut the door and brought everyone back into the kitchen and closed the door.

Our babysitter had surgery last week and is still recuperating. Our friend, Nonnie and QA1 have been helping us with the kids. So it was only slightly disconcerting to me that my sister, QA1, was the one to watch the kids today with our toilet was clogged. So clogged in fact that I thought we might have to move. I briefly worked on it and upon her arrival said “Please use the bathroom upstairs, there is a plunger sticking out of the toilet in there.” And with that, I was on my way to work. I did not receive any phone calls about this issue at work. I was relieved. When I returned home from work this issue had not been resolved. King Daddy took care of it and then instructed Oldest on how to flush the toilet. Hilarious.

So do you want to hear about the small world factor that punctuated my day today? Here it is.

I work at a company very near my house, after working in Boston for many years, this was a very welcome change for me. At my former position in Boston, which was very close to my home town, I came across many people who I went to school with or were now living in my home town. Where I live and work is not near where I grew up, in the least. So when I was on a conference call today and the caller ID flashed a number from the town that I grew up in I assumed it was the Mother of Queen Mommy. It wasn’t. Only after I sent an email to the Mother of Queen Mommy inquiring if she had just called, did I received an email from my coworker saying that he just left a message for me. My coworker not only lives in my home town, he lives in my best friend's [since 2nd grades] old house. In the very neighborhood where I grew up. Not only is the guy who had his locker next to mine his next door neighbor, but he is good friends with a guy that I grew up with who lives in his parents house. Now that is a small world. Goose bumps small world.

And with that I must go punch myself in the face and get everyone ready for bed. They have done N O T H I N G but whine, fight, tattle and hit since the moment I walked in. Ugh.

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