Monday, January 14, 2008

So many things to say

First, I rescheduled my flight to tomorrow morning. So I will make to the business meeting, albeit a little late. Bottom line is Florida is warm and it is cold and snow filled here.

Second, look what Baby did to the computer. I couldn't believe it. If you don't have your glasses on, let me tell you that these are keys from the laptop. HE is brutal!!

Third, our date was fantastic!! We never, ever go out so it was delightful! We split the crab cake appetizer, each had a caesar salad. I had a glass of Shiraz and he had a CC and ginger. I got the prime rib shepard's pie, out of this world! And he got the prime rib, hold the pie and shepard. It was GREAT to be out and to talk.

Fourth, King Daddy is by far the best father in the whole world!! He took Middle and Oldest out sledding! They had a blast!!! They are still out there throwing snow balls at each other.
Fifth, what good are Fritos if you don't have onion dip??


AtomiK Kitten said...

Could have been worse. Baby could have swallowed those or even could have pulled out the CD Rom..

That Chick Over There said...

I wish we had snow.