Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Word World episode 1

Blog 365 day two

I have prepared a schedule,if you will, of subjects for each day and today is Word World. Words have an impact unmatched in our culture. They can melt your heart or sting you to the depths of your soul. They also give clues to others about your education or experience. As a parent I try to expose my kids to words of all kinds, even the ones they have trouble pronouncing. Words are good.

adscititious (ad-si-TISH-uhs) adj. Derived from outside; external; additional.

Origin - From Latin adscitus, past participle of adsciscere (to admit or adopt),from ad- (toward) + sciscere (to seek to know), from scire (to know).Ultimately from the Indo-European root skei- (to cut or split) that also gave us schism, ski, and shin.

Usage - "He stands in the middle of the adscititious atmosphere and soaks in the effect."

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