Friday, February 29, 2008

Cat Scratcher

Yes, we own a cat. A cat that was left behind and found a better life. A life in which he is constantly man handled by three small children. But a good life none the less. This cat scratches our furniture. Our furniture that has cream cheese, maple syrup, gold fish that have been chewed up and spit out, ground into the arms of the couch and the chair. This furniture that is just 5 years old. But this I can't handle. The scratching of the furniture. It just drives me insane. We yell at Kitty and try to thwart him at every chance. So when I was shopping last week for cat food etc., I found a cat scratcher. It was $4.99. Corrugated cardboard with cat nip sprinkled in. My friend at work had told me of a friend of hers who had trained her cat to scratch the cardboard. So I thought I would give it a try. But before I tested it out with Kitty I removed all the cat nip and placed it in a neat pouch for a later time.

Here is the deal, evidently you are supposed "push" the cat nip into the nooks and crannies so that the cat will want to go after it and hence scratch the cardboard. I placed it on the floor. Kitty went wild with the cat nip, I had never seen this before. It was hilarious! Then Baby picked up the card board and hurled it across the room. Note to self, "good choice to remove the "loose" cat nip before placing on floor." I put Kitty's paws on the cardboard and pressed down to reveal his claws. He bit me. Hmmmm...I made a few more feeble attempts, to no avail.

So the stupid cat scratcher is in the breeze way unused. The furniture continues to get trashed and Kitty continues to get yelled at. It is just like having another kid!


suchsimplepleasures said...

i have 4 cats...note to time, get front paws declawed!! because, that's cheaper than replacing the furniture and carpet!!

thanks for stopping by...and for the kind words!!

Kristi said...

I think I have the only cat on earth that does not like catnip. We have given it to her several times and she looks at us like we're crazy.

Marlee said...

You can buy special double-stick tape for your furniture that will work. My parents use it for their cat. Cats HATE the feeling of tape. It's special for cats so it's big pieces. Ask about it at a big pet store and I bet you'll find it.

good luck! :)

Queen Mommy said...

THANKS for the tip!! That was recommended to me but I couldn't stomach spending a gazillion on Scotch double stick tape. More to come and thanks again!!

Sandy C. said...

Sorry to hear about the furniture. Pets really are like kids. They make messes, and you're constantly cleaning up poo and vomit!

so tired said...

I say get rid of the cat. Is that wrong? Should I not have said that?

tiff said...

You are right of course, having pets is just like having more children...actually, so is a husband. Keep a husband, gain a child.
Hope kitty learns not to scratch the furniture.

Kathy Likes Pink said...

I've had cats my whole life and I have NEVER had one use a cat scratcher.

Instead of Scotch double stick tape, how about some contact paper turned stick side out? I think you can get cheap versions at the dollar stores.