Thursday, February 28, 2008


I actually told Middle to shut up yesterday. Which then provided permission of sorts to Oldest to then say, "Yeah Mid shut up." Um, yeah. "Old don't say that. I am sorry Mid that was not nice of me to say. We don't say that to each other."

After the incident just described, this is what was going on inside my head.

Did you take your medicine today? check
How much are they going to hate me? undetermined
How much will I have to pay for therapy? undetermined
Just stop the whining!!! Maybe in a perfect world that does not include a 3 year old.

Here is a question
Have you ever seen a cat gallop?
I have. It usually happens when I need to leave for work and Kitty gallops back into the house like a horse, causing me to lunge after him. It is a lot of fun.


Kristi said...

It happened to me once in the car. Both boys were calling each other names and being overly loud and obvious and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I too did the quick turn around "Mommy said a naughty thing and we don't say that." I am relieved to see that it has happened to someone else...I really thought I was alone in the world of moms who do the wrong things once in awhile.

J said...

I swear entirely too much, but I have explained to Princess that only adults say those things. Thank god she hasn't gotten to the age that she can argue that one with me.
We all slip up and say things, the kids will be ok.

tiff said...

I have had to stop saying 'crap' because it is now a hot fave for Ivy and Noah!
I have never seen a cat galloping but the visual I get is funny, so to see it in real life must be hilarious.