Monday, February 11, 2008

The history of the cat

Yesterday we learned the history of the cat. King Daddy was out with the kids and of course Kitty was one step behind the group. The kids were sledding down our 'hill' into the driveway and a guy across the street saw the cat. He came over and spoke to the family.

The cat used to belong to a family that had three kids. They lived in the house across the street, a rental property and they had to move. The cat, whose name was TJ, was basically left behind. He was supposed to become a barn cat. He is a year old and has always been an indoor cat. The guy said that TJ is very good with kids and is house trained.

I have a few issues with the whole story. First and foremost this cat has not been neutered, although our finances are bleak, it is in the plan to have him, uh, well neutered as well as generally checked out by a vet. Secondly, how do you make a cat become a barn cat? This cat did initially move into our barn, but it clearly prefers to be in the house. It is the neediest friggin' cat I have ever seen. I thought cats were supposed to be aloof and independent. Not this one, he follows us everywhere. He would sleep in my bed if he were allowed upstairs, but no such luck Kitty. Thirdly, how can you just leave a cat behind, or any creature for that matter? I am not a huge cat fan, never have been, but come on? I don't get it. There are plenty of places to bring a cat for someone to take care of it. And lastly, I don't feel so guilty about never putting up FOUND posters around town.

But I must say this cat chose very well, we feed probably too much, he has fattened up nicely. He is a love. He will be with us for a long time. We will take good care of him!

Baby is ready to throw his bottle and he doesn't move.

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Allie Bear said...

Since we live on a military post we see a lot of that. People move and leave their pets behind, our shelters are overflowing with animals left behind. I am a huge animal lover (I have 2 cats and 2 dogs) and it breaks my heart that people can discard a pet like it is yesterday's garbage. I think its great that you took this cat in and made him your own, he obviously has a lot of love to give. Best of luck with your kitty.

PS You might want to look up SNAP (Spay Nueter Assistance Program) in your area, they are usually very affordable if you want to get him fixed. Also, check in a rural area for a vet, they are always cheaper.