Sunday, March 23, 2008

It is not easy being green

Especially when everyone in your family is wearing green it is,in fact ridiculous! Totally unplanned, except for Oldet's out fit, the rest of us wore green. Luckily for me, there are no pictures of us as a group.

Um, yeah I could barely move today. As the day progressed the lactic acid got the better of me. As King Daddy said, "You are pathetic." That is love people, real love!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Karen said...

At least it was just your family. Our tiny town has but one clothing store and half the church inevitably shows up wearing the same skirt.

so tired said...

OK, see I planned on the whole family to coordinate in the same color..... and that color???? Green.

I was actually upset that my daughter had to wear pink in the second half of the day because she messed up her green dress at brunch.

Well, there you go!