Monday, March 24, 2008

Different isn't so bad after all

I have lived much of my adult life by the mantra "Different is bad."
It started off beign, nothing complusive mind you. Just a level of comfort, or rather, discomfort. For example, if King Daddy is driving and goes two different ways to a familiar destination, I start to sweat. I know it is ridiculous, I just can’t help it. The reason I started going to my church was because it looked very much like the church I attended as a child. It was only fairly recently that I realized that it may look a lot like the church of my youth, but the feeling was not the same. Not. At. All.

On Easter Sunday I suffered much inner turmoil trying to decide if I should go to the “look a like” church or not. Finally, I realized that my faith is far more important to me and that loyalty to a building that evokes fond memories of experiences past should not bear weight on my decision. So we went to a different church. A church that bears no resemblance to the church of my youth on the exterior, but sitting in the pew I knew I had made the right decision.

It may not look like it, but it feels just like the church of my youth. A jr. choir, a busy children’s program, lots of teenagers, young families and adults. The celebration was spirit filled and just what my soul needed on a very holy day.


Karen said...

I'm so glad you've found a church that you're happy with.

I know what you mean about doing things differently. I seem to be getting worse with age.

so tired said...

Once you break through some crazy rule that you have set up in your own mind, you feel free and wonder why you spent so much time restricting yourself with something silly. It's liberating!

Marlee said...

Oooh, such an interesting discovery! I'm super nostalgic about a lot of stuff...this has given me food for thought! :)

KathyLikesPink said...

We have two churches in my little town. I attended each of them for extended periods of time. I ended up joining the one that made me feel welcome and comfortable. Which was NOT the church/religion that I had been affiliated with for many years.

I'm glad you have found your place.

Sandy C. said...

I believe I may be guilty of the same habit sometimes.

So glad you found the new place :)