Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today King Daddy worked all day installing some cabinets, it was rainy and I was housebound as he had the van. I have to mentally prepare for all of these factors. We had a wonderful day! Polly Pocket was unveiled. My boss has a 10 year old daughter and passed along a ton of stuff. Oldest and Middle played all day with this stuff. They had a blast. Me and Baby read books together. Nap time, as predicted, was a friggin' horror show. Screams followed by more screams followed by short naps. Just in case you were wondering, they don't do that for our babysitter. Of course.

A big sigh of relief for Tiff and her family. Finally a diagnosis for Ivy. Hugs to you all Down Under.

King Daddy just went to bed, he is totally down and out. It is just me and Kitty. Who by the way was a total freak today. He "attacked" me and I put him out straightaway. Perhaps some foreign smell brought in from my numerous trips from the barn. Now he is curled up on the bean bag.

Did you know that five year olds can do everything by themselves? It is great! Look at my five year old? Isn't she the CUTEST!!! The cake, the My Little Pony cake? Was made my King Daddy's coworkers, aka The Cake Lady. Was so delicious! It was PINK on the inside and was gone in seconds flat! So yummie!

And the next picture is of Oldest hugging Middle after opening his present to her...a Webkin!
B E Y O N D sweet! Totally spontaneous!
Oh and ps - I am so over the no title thing! It is really starting to piss me off! Now I know why so many of my fellow bloggers fled the platform...
pps - turn those clocks ahead! I much prefer turning them ahead later, it is way too early for me for longer days.


Sandy C. said...

Aww, hand-me-down toys are fabulous :) I love the photos! The cake and hug are so sweet!

so tired said...

Okay, do I really need to say anything about the cat?

tiff said...

Umm, what is a webkin? I read about them alot but I don't know what they are. Please explain.

Queen Mommy said...

So tired

Roger that. Message received loud and clear. Do evil thoughts make me an evil pet owner??

Queen Mommy said...

Tiff -
A webkin is a stuffed animal that has a "secret code" which you enter on the webkinz website. Then you can earn kinzcash to purchase food, clothes, etc. Similar to the virtual pet of years back. Total conspiracy to get kids sucked into the computer.