Sunday, March 9, 2008

6 inches of H20 in bbbbasement and a green thumb

That's right! Good times, good times. Called King Daddy whilst he was on his way to work...had to invite him back for the pahty. 50/50 chance that we will need to replace the motor on the boiler, great times, great times.

As you know the title of this blog refers to my previous shopping habits. I was blogging around just now reading about how someone purchased sun kissed khaki's from the Gap. I don't remember the last time I spent $49.50 on one single item in my wardrobe. I mean that is a weeks worth of groceries. Well not really, but it is diapers and a whole host of other things. Plus I am H U G E. One of my new year resolutions was to eat more vegetables. I don't remember the last time I did that. However, it is now March and I need to DO SOMETHING. My stomach sits on my thighs and it is freakin' horrifying. So purchasing something that costs $49.50 to put on this body is OUT OF THE QUESTION.

We went out this morning while waiting for the heating company to come and evaluate the damage to the boiler, our goal was to pick up the sticks in the yard. We have a lot of sticks in the yard. Kitty came out with us. Recently I inquired if any of you have seen a cat gallop. If you haven't it is freaking hilarious! Kitty literally acts like a dog. He gallops to wherever we are in the yard, charging through all of us. It is the visual that makes me crack up! I was assisted in my stick collecting for more than a few minutes by the two older ones, Baby just wandered around. It was FREEZING. We made a pile for our future burning session and I envisioned the soon to be bucolic, verdant yard. I showed Oldest which plants we will be moving and told her that the side garden will now be yellow, white and orange flowers only. I have grand plans to reclaim an area of our yard that is currently over run with weeds. We will put in a fire pit and a tether ball, not for use at the same time! This aspect of home ownership gives me such great pleasure! The rest? Well that just SUCKS!

And with that declaration I shall leave you with these...


so tired said...

Two things:

I think the tether ball in the fire pit is actually a good idea even though you clarified that is not what you meant. Think how competitive that game would get!

And.... are you wearing pajama pants in that picture?????

Brittany said...

Oh, I love how green it is there!! I a super jealous of your garden.