Friday, April 18, 2008

I used scissors to remove them

I removed Middle's CRAPPY underpants with scissors last night. No. I am not kidding. This was the only alternative I could come up with that didn't involve me gagging and his legs becoming smeared with foul smelling POOP.

Unfortunately for King Daddy he walked right in while I was returning from retrieving the scissors from the kitchen. I made the first cut and thanked my lucky stars that he wasn't wearing Cars underpants. That would have been a total nightmare. The writhing would have put me over the edge.

I threw the soiled underpants into the trash with what seemed like an entire box of wipes. I did, because I am the BEST mother in the WORLD, remove his Cars jammie pants and "rinse" them in the toilet. I then proceeded to boil my hands.

Middle had, of course, when I went for the scissors, touched and wiped the POOP on his leg, hand, arm, etc. King Daddy carried Middle upstairs while holding him at arms length and gave him a bath. It was a crap shoot (pun intended) if we ourselves were going to be contaminated by the brown production.

Here are the boys, neither of whom have CRAPPY pants, dancing. On this day I had been dancing with Baby to the Wiggles. When I put him down, Middle came over and asked him to dance. My uterus contracted several times during this scene. Sigh...


tiff said...

mmmm...poopy undies. My favourite.

Awww, I love it when they want you to dance with them.
Sweet sweet moments and memories.

Karen said...

That is not fun. Or funny. Yuck, I'm sorry you had to deal with it. And that Cars underpants weren't involved. Thems the days you wish they were still in diapers.

Lindsay said...

Ugh, what a nightmare! I feel your pain. We live in fear right now that our baby is going to grab her poop and smear it, because her new thing is sticking her hand down her diaper to scratch her butt. Funny looking, especially since she gets a nice case of plumber's crack, but it keeps us on edge.

What a sweet moment with the dancing! Your kids are so cutie!

so tired said...

Isn't it amazing that something so cute can smell so bad?!?!?

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Oh Dear God.

If I could, I'd so put my arm around you and hand you a glass of wine right now.

whoa. seriously.


Sue said...

So gross, but the picture was so cute!