Sunday, April 13, 2008

A litte of this and a little of that

Middle: "Can I put this in your nose?"
Me: "No, you cannot put that in my nose."

My Middle, he is the coziest bug and he loves his blankie. Every night he caresses his nose and his ear with a fringe, only a certain fringe, not just any fringe and then he sticks it up said nose and inside his ear. So to be offered a fringe in my very own nose, well it made me melt. It is a high honor, truly.


If I weren't such an advanced age I would continue to have babies. Being pregnant and delivering babies gave me confidence in my body. It was the only time in all of these years that the power of my body enabled me to feel comfortable in my body. The body that I have always viewed as less than. Pregnancy and delivery made me see my body as perfect.

One thing I love about being a mother is watching the evolution of the sibling relationship. Their relationship to one another will outlast my relationship with each of them. I am truly grateful to be a part of this journey with them.

It gives me great pause to see Baby gaze at Middle and attempt to imitate him in everything. Baby is in love with Middle. It makes my heart grow with love and adoration that I have been charged with these humans, especially when I hear him say "Wibble." It is pure magic.

Yesterday was a blue ribbon day around these parts. The weather was divine and we spent the day outside working on the yard, playing, cleaning up the barn, making trips to the dump and enjoying the warm, glorious weather. It was the perfect antidote to my elevating anxiety about being in the red. That and having King Daddy home with us. I often spin in my head with thoughts that are nothing but destructive.

Breathing the fresh air and physical activity while working on the yard helps me relax and to stay grounded. There is a lot that I can do for our yard that costs no money that will contribute to my quest to have the nicest yard on our street. After all it is a balance of want and need. I want to plant new plants, but I need to plant new grass seed, see above. I want to mulch my garden beds, but I don't need to mulch them today. What I need is to give love and accept love, everything else will wait.


King Daddy took Middle and Oldest to the spring production of Oklahoma, where he teaches. We knew that Oldest would be able to sit through the performance and really enjoy it, it was Middle who was questionable.

I was surprised when, at 9:30 the door opened and Oldest was the one who had opened the door. King Daddy had Middle draped over his shoulder, fast asleep. They had a wonderful time!! Middle enjoyed the show and even went potty! His most favorite thing was clapping. King Daddy reports that he was the most exuberant clapper in the entire audience. I told King Daddy I was surprised that Oldest hadn't fallen asleep on the ride home. His reply? "We had a lot to talk about," he said. "Oh yes, I forgot. " Oldest is a chatter box and there was much to discuss. Middle told me all about it this morning. What he loved most of all? Going to daddy's work.

Oldest wore a sparkly skirt with her pink velvet hooded cape and her sparkly shoes. She wanted to look her most beautiful. She sure did, I should have taken a picture...


so tired said...

My kids walk around with these plush toys that they slobber on and get all grungy and then they sniff them. I always say they take "hits" off of them like a drug. They do seem to be addicted to them.

Anyhow, every once in a while, I get offered a hit. So I know what you mean by the honor of sharing the experience in their prized possession with them.

KathyLikesPink said...

Wow I wish they made Oldest sparkly outfit in x-large mama sizes! I think I would love it!!

(PS: Oklahoma is one of my favorite musicals!)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow said...

I absolutely agree about your pregnancy comment. I've never been too comfortable with my body--too little of this here, too much of that there--but everything was different when I was pregnant. I felt like the most beautiful person in the world. I wish I could've been pregnant forever, and I look forward to having more kids someday.


Sue said...

Nothing can cheer one up quite like a sunny warmish day after a very, very long winter! When I am stressed about $, which is quite often, I clean. Not just regular clean, but clean out a closet, cupboard or change a room around. Hang in there, there are sure to be more sunny days to come!

lisa marie said...

There is something relaxing about yardwork and the satisfaction once it's all pretty.

You middle is adorablly funny. :) I remember things in ears and noses.