Monday, April 14, 2008

Flower girls

Middle and Oldest are playing cars.
Oldest wants the one whose doors open, the Yellow Bug.
Baby has absconded with said car and is wandering around the house asking, repeatedly for "can cakes."
I am hurriedly trying to clean all the clutter around the house.
"Do you want to be flower girls," inquires Oldest?
"Nah. None of want to be flower girls," responds Middle.

I picked Oldest up from preschool today, per usual.
Upon arriving I needed to use the Ladies room so I was in the school when the class came down the hall.
Oldest spotted me right away.
Today she is wearing a fur lined hooded Gap sweatshirt.
I greeted Mrs. B who reported to me that upon Oldest's departure from school she asked the entire class, "Has everyone had a chance to feel my sweatshirt?"

I just about fell over due to the hilarity of it all.

That girl is funny!


lisa marie said...

My daughter was my oldest and there's something about oldest girls. I guess her shirt was so soft she wanted to share it. :)

so tired said...

How generous of her to offer the poor souls without such a luxurious piece of clothing the chance to touch it. That is hilarious.

tiff said...

LOL! Oldest sounds so very cute. Of course, who wouldn't want to feel her soft shirt?!?!?!

Misty said...

too cute!!!!

Is it wrong to still do that? :) Because when I have soft clothes, I want the world to know...

Kelly said...

She is a funny one and lucky to have you for a mom!

KathyLikesPink said...

I'm a very tactile person. I would have been at the head of the line to feel that sweatshirt!

(and I LOVE velvet!)

HRH said...

OMG. That is funny. Did every one get too?