Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Is fiercely loved by them. He emailed to ask me to call him for he had a question. I called him back yesterday afternoon. "I bought a book and if you guys aren't doing anything I would like to come out and read it to the kids." "Of course!"

Passover begins on Saturday, it is King Daddy's most favorite of all the holidays. Although we are educating them in the Christian tradition the Jewish heritage is very important to King Daddy. It is important to me that they experience and learn all about this heritage. It is also important to Papa.

We celebrate all the Jewish holidays with King Daddy's family. We light the menorah during Hanukkah. Oldest was a tiny peanut at her first Seder. This year she will have more of an understanding. Papa sat in traffic for a good 2 hours to spend 2 hours visiting with us. He read the Passover book to the kids. Although they chattered away and peppered him with unrelated quips during his reading, it was a very precious moment for us as parents. We will read it to them again and again. On Saturday Papa will come to pick the kids up early so they can help Nonnie prepare for the Seder. They will make the matzo covers and color the Hagada. These traditions are part of who they are for who they are is Jewish.


Misty said...

that is SO Awesome! We have no Jewish heritage but I still believe they are very important holidays. I just have no idea how to honor any of them. :(

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

That is awesome that they have him to share their Jewish heritage with. My kids are also part-Jewish (from my dad's family) being raised Christian, and although I try to incorporate as much as I can so they'll understand and value their heritage, there's nobody here to share that with.

Some of my fondest memories as a kid are of Passover with my aunt's family, and of lighting the Menorah every year. :)