Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, if y'all say so!

Then "normal" I is! You guys are the best!

So here is a little of my Monday.

1. Scrambled to get out of the door.
2. "Mom, my neck hurts," says oldest on our way to our babysitters. I look in the rear view to see an ominous black "spot." My suspicion? A tick.
3. Pull over in nearest parking lot to inspect said spot. Confirm the tick. Try to remove tick. Oldests neck comes with tick. Get to babysitters FAST. Hysterical Oldest.
4. Barge in and announce the presence of the tick. She grabs the first aid book. Apply Vaseline. Wait for 1 nanosecond. Try to remove. No luck. Oldest is still hysterical. Apply more Vaseline. Wait for 10 nanoseconds. Try to remove. Success!
5. Soothe Oldest, tell her how brave she is.
6. Hug kiss for all and I am out the door.
7. Arrive at work.
8. Computer D.I.E.S while working on pseudo important project.
9. Back to back meetings. Computer is repaired. All work lost.
10. Leave to pick up Oldest at Pre-School. Oldest reports her sheer hatred for babysitter.
11. Drop Oldest off at babysitter.
12. Return to work. More meetings.
13. Headache starts in last meeting.
14. Leave to pick up children with headache. King Daddy is working. Solo parenting. Not looking forward to it.
15. Caller ID reports18 calls in the day. Every single one of them from a bill collector, the same two numbers. Over and over and over again.
16. Grill Cheese for dinner. No one wants it. What is this a friggin' restaurant?
17. Yell at kids. Headache still present.
18. Send Middle to timeout 1 gazillion times.
19. Middle is sent up for the night.
20. Baby picks up where Middle left off.
21. Force Baby into his jammies.
22. Yell at Oldest to get into her own jammies without help. For crying out loud you are FIVE!
23. Brush teeth in shifts.
24. Read books with a going to bed theme.
25. Carry everyone to bed, one in front and one piggy back.
26. Say prayers with Oldest. Ask God to Bless her mommy.
27. Dove on the couch.

So how was your Monday?

Tuesday is better already!


Sue said...

Yeah, that was a sucky day. I love caller ID, but hate how persistent bill collectors can be. THankfully, I don't have to answer the phone when they call. I love the question, "And can you explain why this bill is so late?" "Um, yeah, there was no money to pay it with." DUH!

Caffeine Court said...

Your go girl! When you read that list aren't you impressed with yourself? You should be!!!

Misty said...

oh my goodness... you POOR thing!
I laughed out loud in the transition of your oldest announcing her hatred for the babysitter, and taking her to the sitter...

I groaned with the 18 calls from bill collector. YES. We know this one right now...

It's wednesday morning, just after 4:30, as I emerge from a migraine fog and I wanted to tell you that I hope today is EVEN BETTER!

scargosun said...

Wow. Can I buy you a drink? Did you watch DC? I DVRed it and watched after I got home from 2nd job. I think the Phil, no one calling him back on the radio thing was staged. Johnathan would never have done that.

scargosun said...

Forgot to mention. Didn't see that American Chopper episode but was very sad to see (while I was catching up) that Vinnie left. I really liked him.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow. And you made it through the day? I'm impressed! :)

You've got me beat - we only had 3 bill collector calls yesterday. But my list would include leaving work early so I could stop and pay the cable bill since they turned it off yesterday morning. And praying that the check I wrote for it doesn't clear until Friday. ;)

I had to laugh at #10 - that sounds so much like my Hannah!

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you had a rough day. Drinks all around!

I should start making a list like that of my day. That way when my husband asks me what I've done with a slight patronizing look I can say "see!"