Friday, May 30, 2008

Kid's clothes

I have a personal rule, not to spend more than $10 on one single item of clothing for the kids. This rule has been broken, only a handful of times and excludes coats and shoes. With three of them, I must budget wisely and appropriately. Oldest always ends up with the most clothes, she is my living doll. The boys, well I can pass down Middle's to Baby, so I can spend more on his clothes or rather I justify spending more on his as it has to last through two boys. Middle is one size ahead of Baby. He is in 3T which Baby will be wearing all next summer. Similarly, Baby should be wearing all the 2T clothes from last summer, if I could locate them. But that is a whole other post!

This weekend I did some shopping for them. One of the outfits I purchased was this one for Oldest. I adore it! Absolutely adore it. I may wash it tonight so she can wear it to school tomorrow.

I also got this for Middle. He LOVES his "square" shorts!

And for Baby? I got him this... see the stitching under the arms? Yeah, matches the shorts!

I have not gotten around to getting their new crocs yet as Baby is wearing Middle's from last summer and Middle is wearing an identical pair that we received via hand me downs. Oldest's have been temporarily been misplaced. I am confident they will reappear shortly.


emersonsmama said...

Love that little skirt - so cute!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I have a similar rule for buying clothes - and I consider it even better if I can stay under $5 (can you say secondhand stores and garage sales? LOL). But - the clothes I buy for Abby have to last through 2 other kids, so I try to buy new when I can.

I stopped at a garage sale this morning and got 3 grocery bags full of good quality denim jeans and shorts for the girls for only $10 total - love when I find a great sale like that! :)

Those outfits are adorable - especially the one for oldest!

KathyLikesPink said...

Oh I miss picking out the cute outfits for little ones! Darling Daughter, being 13, doesn't let me pick out ANYTHING. Although if it's black and has a skull on it she usually likes it.

Oh I miss the cute days!!!

Sue said...

So cute! Where do you go to get your cute, inexpensive clothes?