Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life, all around

Yesterday I learned that a former co-worker of mine had been hit by a car, underwent an 11 hour surgery and still has no feeling below the waist.

This morning I learned that a high school classmate of mine passed away on April 3rd, suddenly. He leaves behind his wife and their three children. His children are 9, 6 and 2. I have not seen or spoken to this classmate since 1986. I am devastated nonetheless. Our families were good friends. We spent time on the Vineyard together. His mom was so very kind to me during a time when I was unable to spend time with my family. I feel deeply saddened for his parents, his brothers, his wife, but especially his children.

On a happier note...Middle has learned how to "water a tree." Last night as I was doing dishes when I looked up and saw this little man walking across the lawn. I wondered where he was going as he looked to have purpose in his stride. I laughed out loud as I saw him as he reached his destination. He pulled down his pants and pushed his bum forward. I have never been more proud!


Kristi said...

I remember the first time Noah "watered" and I freaked out. My cousins little boy had done it so Noah did it too. My cousin told me that I might as well get used to it, and in the long run I discovered that it is nice that I can just send him to a tree if we are out somewhere and there is no bathroom nearby. I wish girls could do it sometimes too.

scargosun said...

Isn't it funny how something like 'watering' for the first time can lift your spirits?

HRH said...

Oh so sad.

The trees around your house are happy...too cute.

Karen said...

I'm sorry for your loss. One of my friends passed away recently as well. It's sobering.

Boys will be boys, and thank goodness summer is coming so that they can at least water the trees outside and not the indoor potted ones.

KathyLikesPink said...

I'm sorry to hear of your sad news. Very sobering; makes one appreciate life all the more - such as a tree watering incident!