Monday, May 5, 2008

No, I am not kidding

We spent 3 hours at the Animal Hospital yesterday. We walked out $217 lighter with a eunuch and a pet carrier. Kitty is doing better.

When he came home on Friday night, he was bleeding. Saturday he was still bleeding, although not as copious. Yesterday the tear in his pad began to emit a putrid odor. When in the figuring out what to do stage, I called a local vet who was open on Sunday, explained what had been going on. Go to the Animal Hospital and wrap him in a blanket. While waiting in the Cat Waiting Area I held him in the towel and swayed back and forth. Another anxious pet owner observed and said, "It's a good thing that cat found you otherwise you would have a 4th baby." I laughed out loud.

Since he adopted us, I ashamedly have not brought him to a vet, however, we have an appointment on Saturday for his shots. The ER vet offered to neuter him while she was fixing his paw. SCORE! Clearly neutering is not an emergent condition. Upon further examination she found bruising on his leg, but no lacerations. She has surmised that he suffered some kind of trauma either by getting stuck somewhere or he was struck by a car moving at about 1 mph. This morning he is still coming out of the sedation. It took several doses of sedation, being that he was an unneutered mail and it is Spring.

I am happy to report this morning brought some purring.

p.s. I forgot to mention the couple who brought a kitty in who looked exactly like ours. They brought their cat into the hospital in a copy paper box. Its hind paws were sticking straight up giving away its condition. Oldest inquired, "Is that our cat?" "No, it isn't our cat. That cat is very tired."


Karen said...

Life with animals is just plain interesting. Almost like life with kids.

scargosun said...

Sounds like kitty it on the mend. Glad to hear it.

Copy box?! With nothing covering the top!? That is sad and I just don't know!

so tired said...

I prefer the cat in the copier box.

Lindsay said...

Busting out laughing over here with the visual of the VERY tired cat. That must have been a fun conversation...

I'm glad your cat's okay. :)

tiff said...

good to hear kitty is on the mend.