Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oldest II

9:02 p.m. As I write, King Daddy, is driving faster than he should, with some very precious cargo, on the way to the emergency room. You read that correctly. On the way to the emergency room. Oldest put the wire antenna, from the CD/radio that sits on her bedside table, with a small cap into her ear.

We put her to bed tonight and while doing so we were able to uncover the impetus was for her "episode" at school yesterday. Of course on the way to bed she said she didn't want to go to school. So I was supremely optimistic when she shared with me, after some gentle prodding, what it was that bothered her. You see there were some counting cards with pictures on them that she didn't like. "I like table 1," she reported. I assured her that I would talk to Mrs. B about the counting cards and perhaps Mrs. B would put them away.

I kissed her goodnight, gathered laundry, came downstairs, started the washing machine when she descended the stairs screaming. I hurriedly emerged from the laundry room, to see her and King Daddy sitting on the stairs. She was telling him that she put the antenna "really far into her ear." I ran up the stairs to examine the wire antenna, no cap. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT.

Without an otoscope I can't be sure the little cap isn't lodged in her ear. I sent King Daddy to the pediatric emergency room. In her fragile state she needs people who know how to take care of children.

While they were pulling out of the drive way, I called the doctor on call to confirm our course of action. She concurred. I am praying that the little cap is hiding amongst her stuffed animals, amongst her sheets or is forever lost in the dust bunnies.

10:59 p.m. - A forgein object in ones ear is not as dire as it is in my head right about now. I think my distress is caused, in part, becuase I pride myself on analyzing situations. Situations that pose potential harm to my children. She had been playing with the stupid antenna for a while. I took the antenna away from her several times and instructed her that it wasn't safe to play with it. I am now bloody from the self beating. I should have put the CD/radio player back on the bureau where she would not have been able to play with it. I will be dragging it behind my car tomorrow.

Another cause of my distress is due to the discomfort she has experienced this past week with her "episodes." She doesn't need this on top of everything else.

It is now 11:07 p.m. and no word from King Daddy.

11:35 p.m. I just thought - Maybe they have had a long wait. Maybe she has fallen asleep as they wait for an MD to attend to her. MD looks in her ear while she continues to sleep and there is nothing there. King Daddy carries her to the car and they speed home.

11:49 p.m. Ring. Ring. I was on that phone like a lion on a zebra! They are on their way home! The resident was unable to remove it. It is in deep. Off to the ENT tomorrow!


3XMom said...

ooh..I'm sorry. I'm sure she will be ok. Good luck at the ENT.

scargosun said...

You have had a rough week! Good luck at the ENT. It'll all be ok and something you will tease her about later as a teenager...with her friends over...

Lindsay said...

Oh dear Lord! I hope she's ok. I'm sure she will be. Kids shove stuff in places they aren't supposed to (eyes, nose, mouth) all the time. Heck, when I was four I shoved crayons up my nose and blew them out to impress my 2 year old brother. He was impressed; my mom wasn't when one got stuck and caused a nosebleed (only one ever). But it came out!

I'll be thinking about you!

Sue said...

Oh, that is so scary! It's so hard to figure out what's going on in the mind of our kids (even when they are 11!)Hang in there, if you are a mom, you have earned your badge of super sleuth!

Caffeine Court said...

Oh my gosh! You have to update us...what did they do to remove it? Ia ahw okay?

so tired said...

If it makes you feel any better, when I was about her age I put a bead from some little jewelry making kit waaay up my nose and had to go to the ER to have it removed too. And today I am semi normal.......

tiff said...

OMG how scary for you.
Don't beat yourself up though, kids put all sorts of things in places where they should not. Maddy once put a small bingo ball up her nose and we had to go to an ENT to have it removed.

Hugs and more hugs.