Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are we nerds?

Last night I gave the boys a bath. Oldest declared that she would like a bath on her own, so being a complete pushover, I obliged. While I bathed the boys she found her flash cards in the bathroom and asked if we could do them while she was in the tub. Not wanting to squash her love of words and her early attempts at reading I said a booming "GREAT idea!"

I sent her on an errand to procure the boys towels from the laundry room and continued the bath. Baby was the first to finish his tub and I bellowed for King Daddy to come and get him. Middle played for a little while longer, enjoying his solitude in the water.

We drained the water and put fresh water in for Oldest. We did her hair first and then started right in on the flash cards. She did great and was so very eager to do them, when the words were: on, off, no, etc. However, when we got to words like orange, seven, eight she began to lament. Although she sounded them out and was a trooper all the while, I kept thinking this will end soon. And end it did. Our last word was down.

It has always been my philosophy to encourage learning wherever we are. So it seemed like a fun thing for her to do and I was in the bathroom anyway!

Look out kindergarten, here she comes!!!


scargosun said...

Ahhh, bathtub learning. It's the 'wave' of the future.

He he he

Did you figure out your schedule for Sun/Mon?

KathyLikesPink said...

Definitely not nerds! You see an opening to squeeze in a little learning, you have to go for it!

(Trust me - they outgrow it)

Karen said...

We take advantage of every opportunity here. I'm too ashamed to tell you the half of it.

Misty said...

i MISS baths... I so do. I loved Baths with Gen. Now, now she goes in to shower alone. :(
Baths are such a precious time.

Anonymous said...

it's just odd to write about giving your kids baths and one of them wanting to do flash cards. i don't get the lure of interest really.

Dr. Cason said...

Oh she is so ready! I was shocked that so many kids didn't know how to read when they went to kindergarten and then their teacher said, Just watch they all come in with different levels and right about spring break they all catch up. And they did!

I still was glad to teach Gabby before went in. it made it less stressful for her...and me!