Thursday, June 5, 2008


Not a worm hero, but a REAL hero, minus a cape!

On the way home last night, King Daddy took the kids the "secret way" route home. They were looking for the chimney that stands alone demonstrating the devastation of a fire. While looking up as they went along, King Daddy saw smoke. Then more smoke. Then a lot of smoke. A tree was on fire. There was an electrical wire rubbing against a tree. His cell phone was at home so he stopped at the next driveway, no one was home. He went to the next house and ran to the back door. The homeowners came out, he told them about the tree and that they should call 911.

Because I am a self admitted Nosy Boots, I went that way home. I ended up behind a National Grid bucket truck. The police were on site and stopped me. I couldn't believe the electrical fire smell in the air! After telling the police man my tale of how my family were the first to notice the fire, I turned around and left. I am sure he was like, "Whatever lady, beat it!!"

It was an EXCITING time for the kids! "I saw a tree on PHIRE!"


Misty said...

I bet it was exciting!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Yay, King Daddy!

scargosun said...

Good thing they took 'the secret way.' Fate made them all heroes!

Jared. said...

you guys have GOT to get out more.
however, my kids wouldve been stoked and id be a little interested.
okay, A LOT interested, im a 5 yr old in that aspect.

Sarah said...

How exciting for them! And how great of your hubby to stop! After watching something very sad last night, this gives me hope in humanity!!

KathyLikesPink said...

Wow thank goodness your family came along!

I love "secret ways". I have a lot of little back routes to every place. I have even had local natives riding with me who didn't know the back ways I knew. Made me laugh. (and feel a little superior...)