Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No crock pot

No crock pot last night. Tacos for Middle's birthday dinner and tonight? Nonnie, Papa and Nana will be with us tonight for another celebration of Middle's birthday.

Middle's name was Teddy for about 10 minutes and then we changed it. He had only a 'middle' name for 36 hours. We searched high and low in the obituaries for names. We asked the staff for a baby name book. We finally settled on his name and we love it!


Happy Valley Mom said...

Teddy would have fit the Robert and Samuel tradition.

All good American names--Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Kennedy, Sam Adams

Mommy Cracked said...

The blog makeover is beautiful! Hope you guys had fun tonight!

LeMoDo's mom said...

mmmm...we loooove taco night in our house....especially taco pie!!!

Sue said...

My brother was called Teddy, Mark and Tommy for the first few months of his life. Seems my mom, my dad and my mom's mom all disagreed on what he should be named. He wound up with my dad's name and he is a 4th!
Happy Birthday to middle!

scargosun said...

Mmmm tacos....hope the b-day celebration was fun!