Saturday, September 20, 2008

A scratch?

I worked late on Thursday night. KD called at 8 to tell me that he heard some banging around in the breezeway, more than just the cats chasing a mouse. He opened the door to find a beautiful, large, clearly misplaced SKUNK! He slammed the door and listened to the creature eat the cat food. After a while it became quiet and KD investigated, the coast was clear so he shut the door to the barn which had been the entry point. I arrived home at 10:30 and I believe I remember seeing the cats. After a hello and good night kiss, I headed straight for bed.

In the morning KD mentioned that Lily had a "scratch" on her head, but she seemed to be ok. I didn't see her before I left, as she usually heads out to the barn for her daily snooze. After work I met KD and the kids at the playground. We returned home and I found her curled up on a pillow. I was stunned at the "scratch." It is most certainly NOT a scratch! It is the size of a quarter, above her left eye, road rash looking abrasion. What concerned me most of all? She did not flee when the boys started to pet her. I called our vet. They were closing. Off to the vet hospital. She is fine, but has clearly suffered some trauma. Her claws, according to the vet, had been used. She is still listless and hasn't eaten anything. They gave her fluids last night. She is in the same spot we put her in last night. I go up to check on her every now and then and she lifts her little head up and I give her a pat. I brought up some food to her but she is not interested. I hope she perks up soon. My heart can't take much more, when it comes to kittys.


Mrs Parks said...

Maybe there was some sort of missunderstanding with the stunk over the food dish....
I hope she feels better soon and who knows, she may be looking better than the skunk.

Misty said...

oh my goodness... poor thing... I hope she perks up and heals quickly!

Nina said...


I really think she'll be okay. Just keep checking on her - cats tend to disappear if they are sick. Make sure she stays CLOSE!

I will pray she gets better!