Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We brought Lily to the vet on Monday. 6 weeks ago she weighed 12.1 pounds. On Monday she weighed 9.8 pounds. All tests were negative and/or normal. Last night I bought her some baby food. She did pretty well with it. However, this morning she was not interested. It won't be long before the situation will become emergent.
I have complete confidence in my parenting abilities and my ability to investigate the kids ailments, but I am flying blind when it comes to the kitties. I now wonder if one of her teeth hurts. She won't eat the hard food. We gave her a treat last night and was all over it until she had to chew it. The baby food she was able to lap it up.
A week after her fall is when she began to throw up pretty regularly. Last week I noticed how thin she was. This weekend Auntie K said she was too thin. The vet is puzzled but we will talk today to figure out our next steps.
Good thoughts please!


scargosun said...

No! You poor thing having to go thru this after the year you've had.

Happy Valley Mom said...

OHHHHH I am so sorry!