Wednesday, November 5, 2008

School Committee

I have one question, what exactly has the school committee done or not done under these circumstances? What exactly is the school committee doing? What exactly is their role? Are they a neutral party?

From where I sit part of the stalling is the school committee's fault. It is part of the negotiating committee's fault and now it is part fault to the mediator. There has been no sense of urgency regarding the GTA's rejection of the contract from the school committee or the negotiating committee. None, they rejected the contract prior to the end of the school year. They came back with something different only AFTER 85 teacher's showed up at the school committee meeting, in early October, however, this was ultimately rejected as well. The sticking point is the language in the contract and rightly so.

It was shortly after this that a mediator was brought in. The FIRST meeting with the mediator and the negotiating committee and the union representatives is on NOVEMBER 24th. November 24th?

Oh and where is the MTA in all of this? KD pays dues into this union and yet there has been no outward support for the GTA.

KD and I spoke of all the ridiculous comments that have been written especially regarding the old adage "teacher's are overworked and underpaid." KD responded, "I am not overworked or underpaid, I am a professional who expects to be compensated for my work."

I couldn't agree more.

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