Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Warmth

In this less than insulated home, filling the oil tank hurts, as we heat the outside world. In a perfect world we would blow insulation into the house and snug it up, but alas we didn't and haven't. But what we did do after 3 years of talking about it, was purchase this:

Wood Pellet Stove. We purchased 2.6 tons of wood pellets for a total of $888, including delivery. They will heat our home through the entire winter. Last year we paid roughly $3,000 for oil. So it is a deal in terms of cost for heat. We did have to purchase the stove but we view that as an investment. Luckily we have a small home and this will keep us nice and toasty. We will pick it up tomorrow and after we get it installed and inspected we will fire it up.

Isn't it cute??


scargosun said...

I LOVE it! I remember you talking about it. We will put on in our 'big room' when we redo it. I can't wait!

Mark said...

Hey, congrats on your pellet sotve purchase. Great way to save on heating cost. I've done websites for 3 different pellet stove retailers and they are all makinga killing this year ... people were buying up pellet stoves in August.

Be sure to check out "The Pellet Pail" - a friend of mine invented it, and it's awesome for any pellet stove owner. Also notice the "model" in the 30 second video:


Mark said...

ps - if you want a Pellet Pail, I can save you $10 off the website price by delivering it to you myself...