Thursday, January 8, 2009

Adjuster is there

I have so many things that I want to write, but I never have enough time to hone my craft.

The Insurance Adjuster is at the house now, KD is home, as my anxiety would cause verbal diarrhea and in this case, it wouldn't be good.

Middle stayed home on Monday. He wore pj's with his Spider Man costume over them. On Tuesday, to get him out of the door, I told him he could wear his pj's with his costume to our babysitter's. It worked. Yesterday school was cancelled, there went my opportunity to get him into "regular" clothes. He wore the same outfit yesterday. Today KD stayed home so he could deal with the adjuster, he objected to Middle's outfit. I explained to him that he has fresh pj's, fresh underpants so who really cares. He is into it and he is happy. Tomorrow he has school and he will have to wear "regular" clothes. He knows and inquired if he could wear the costume on the next home day. To which I replied, "Absolutely!"

Oldest has refused to buy lunch for months now. Our school allows parents to pre-pay for lunches. For example, I can send in a check for $50 and then Oldest doesn't need to deal with cash, which I never have. We did that at the beginning of the year. She came home one day and told me that her pre-pay was gone and then she started to cry. I inquired who told her that. She said it was her friend, Mark, I assured her that Mark wouldn't know if her pre-pay had run out and that I hadn't heard from her teacher that her cache was depleted. Every month we would go over the school lunch menu to no avail. I tried to overcome her resistance to buying lunch and then she got a wallet in her stocking.

So I sent her on Tuesday with two one dollar bills and a quarter. I got home on Tuesday and inquired immediately if she got her lunch. She did, however, as she was telling me about it, I noticed the quarter in the bottom of her bag. Then she told me that she lost her quarter and that her teacher gave one to the lunch lady.

Snow day yesterday so no need to deal with lunch.

Today the menu was her favorite, grill cheese. Tuesday night on the way home from work, I went grocery shopping on and got ten one dollar bills. I was prepared this morning and sent in an extra quarter for her to pay back her teacher. She had a rough go of it this morning. After a brief period of frustration on the part of her dad, it was decided that he would purchase her an alarm clock.

I have to admit that I am such a pushover when it comes to my kids. When my kids were babies their crying never bothered me, it came with the territory. Now that they are older and they cry in response to unpleasant things, yikes. I am a total TOTAL pushover! Oldest was crying after KD yelled at her to get dressed. I felt awful, but he had asked her 3 times AND warned her that the next time he asked her it wouldn't be nice. It is so hard to be little and to crawl out of a cozy bed and rip your clothes off to put on cold clothes. I totally understand, but she really needed to get dressed. I left early and took the boys so my heart hurt for her. I called after I dropped the boys off, it got worse after I left. I called when I got to the office, after the bus had come to pick her up. KD told me that she was fine when she left and they had discussed solutions which is how the alarm clock came to be.


Stephanie P. said...

My brother wore the same outfit everyday for several weeks when he was 3. My mom called it his uniform. I don't think it hurts.

The joys of having kids. If you find a cure for whining, please let me know. Our mornings with M seem to go much like yours with Oldest. She gets out of bed, but then everything is a battle. Her newest stunt is that she claims she can't do things by herself. This morning she couldn't get her panties off by herself. Then when she was in the tub the washcloth fell on her hand and she couldn't get it off. Then when it came time to go we sent her to get her lovey and she couldn't reach it, even though it was right under her hand. I was actually looking forward to going to work this morning!!!

Happy Valley Mom said...

I think we are sharing the same bad Karma!
Our pipes got plugged while in Ohio- and we ended up with 1/2 of inch of crap in the tub!

Son decided staying home was much better than school and had several trips to the nurse this week. Who shall we pass this Karma onto? It is a full moon tonight maybe that will get rid of it!

Sending love and tenderness

NJDecorator said...

Oh man, My washer pipe overflowed and I am now dealing with a stinky crawlspace...

but on the daughter front, it's so good that they talked it out and tried to find solutions. That way you can support both of them.

NJDecorator said...

P.S. I just tagged you....