Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't know if it is fair

or if everyone is just happy to have a job.

The new contract, which is for 2 years, was voted overwhelmingly in favor on Monday. It was 170-20. The teachers in Grafton receive no pay raise, per se, but the School Committee has created new "steps." Which enables teachers to receive more pay, based on their credentials, etc.

KD expressed his reservations to me, utilizing his keen ability to see the larger picture, and decided to vote against the contract. One thing that was written into the new contract that was a stumbling block for KD and me as well was this: The teacher's have professional development days whenever the students have half days. This saves me money and saves KD time. This was eliminated for the terms of the contract. Now I have to cough up money and KD has to find the time to participate in professional development.

If the economy was booming I have to wonder if this contract would have been voted down. At least this contract only goes until 2011 and negotiations will begin in Spring of 2010. I can only hope that the Grafton Teacher's Association has a stronger leader by then.


Happy Valley Mom said...

WOW that seems so unfair

Misty said...

oh, this is not fair but your assessments about the economy are probably right on...