Monday, January 26, 2009

The Note

Today a note came home from school. It was on a sticky note that was stuck to the paper. The kind of paper with wide lines for a kindergartner to practice writing her name. The paper with wide lines was blank, however, the note had much to say.

Oldest complained when she should have been completing her task, writing her whole name. Her name is long, without question. We knew she preferred socializing as opposed to finishing her work. We were hopeful there was an element of novelty. We had hoped there had been progress since last Fall. There has been none.

Her teacher said "Oldest has to start working a little more quickly at tasks because it takes her a long time to complete things. Please work with her at home on this skill as well."

She, predictably, completely fell apart when I started talking with her. I told her how when I was little I used to say "I am tired" when I really didn't want to do things. She giggled. I told her that it is our job to help her find ways to finish her tasks. She told me her teacher uses a timer and she told me how much she hates it, there went that idea.

We finished one part of her assignment, although I had to prod and coax her along. KD is making her redo the second part of her assignment. She is lamenting and dawdling.

We have a long LONG road ahead of us.


texasholly said...

Oh how I feel your pain. UGH. It takes every ounce of my self control not to strangle my oldest during some writing assignments. We need a support group!

Happy Valley Mom said...

Give her an incentive.
I know -this is her job--but think about --we work because we get paid. She needs to get " paid"

If she completes all her work in school she can have a special playdate or special time with Daddy/ Mummy/ or stay up a little later.

Trust me it works and takes you out as being the bad guy.

Oh, If I am being bossy--tell me to butt out!

Kristi said...

We're having a similar problem with Noah in first grade. he sits and "thinks" for a long time and then when he's almost out of time, he;'s rushing through to get it done and it ends up completely sloppy. We're working on it too.