Monday, November 9, 2009

Vaccines for sale

Vaccines are not for sale, but if I had a lot of money I bet my kids would have at least the first round of the H1N1 vaccination.  My children are not considered to have any underlying health risks which, if they had, would catapult them to the front of the line.  But they are children and by that mere fact they are in a high risk category than either myself or KD.  From my research anyone under the age of 25 is a group in which the H1N1 occurs at a higher frequency than people over age 25. 

Our pediatrician's office has an area on their website where they keep the parents of their patients up to date with the doses that they have received.  I am also a member of a mother's group and through a flurry of emails this morning I became aware that our pediatrician's office had received some doses of the vaccine.  However, at 10 a.m. this morning, they were no longer accepting appointments.  So after a deep breathing exercise I called them.  I was placed on hold for about 3 minutes, I inquired half heartedly about the vaccine and asked when they expect further shipments.  I was given a very vague answer and then was told about a "waiting" list.  I gave my children's names and then wondered, "Every child under the age of 25 is supposed to get this vaccination.  WHY would  you need a waiting list?"  And then my mind went on from there, "What does being on the waiting list buy me?"  So then I asked, "If my children receive the first round of vaccine, is it guaranteed that they will receive the second?"  She responded with the big ol' "I don't know. Everyone is focused on getting the first shot."

It is truly a doggee dog world out there right now and it is scary.  The media has hyped this flu into a death sentence.  No one is communicating effectively.  We all know and understand that the production of the vaccine takes time.  But we also know that we are the parents of children and in order to care for our children we are told to get them vaccinated.

If I do get a call from the "wait list" I will inquire again about the guarantee of receiving the second shot for my three children.  If they cannot guarantee that within 30 days I will have a second shot for the kids, I will opt out and pass my slot off to someone else. 

At least that is what I say now.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard (from my own pediatrician) that getting just the one dose is pretty effective and worth getting even if you cannot get the second. You do not need both doses to receive at least some benefit from the vaccine.