Wednesday, December 16, 2009


On Monday I turned 41.  I was sick.  I felt awful.  Body aches, head ache, sniffles and sore throat.   Can I have a do over???

On Sunday, she and I were both 40.

It is something that most siblings do not experience.  We are not twins in the traditional sense we are Irish Twins.  We cherish the 6 weeks or so that we are the same age.  Then I move on to and we wait until the time next year that we will, once again, be the same.
I am often say, "the sibling relationship is the longest relationship in one's life."  On my birthday I love hearing from my older siblings, who remember the day I was born.  They remember going to the hospital to stand outside the window with my dad, while my mom held me up to the window so they could get a glimpse.  How my oldest sister wanted me to be born on her birthday.  How happy she was that she had a little sister.  How they all took care of me and helped our mom.  

My children will never have memories of when the others were born.  But I will remind them, I will show them the pictures and tell them about when they arrived.  How excited they were for the new baby.  I will remind them that the sibling relationship is the longest relationship in their lives.  I will remind them how special they all are and how much they are loved.

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