Friday, January 8, 2010


For so long, M and W have been better friends thanW and O.  But there has been a shift.  O has told me he doesn't like it when I drop W off at school, he can't wait for him to come back to our babysitter's because he misses him.  W asks where O is often, even if he is in the other room.  O received a bionicle as a gift this holiday season, W had received some for his birthday in September.  O really has an affinitiy for them and was so glad to have received his own.  Now the two of them play with their bionicles together.  They have recently become introduced to the old school Batman and Robin of Adam West era.  They love the music and the costumes. 

Yesterday I sent them out to the car and I was told that O's name is not O, but Batman.  When I finally made it out to the car, W was in the car and O, er, Batman was rounding the front of the car mumbling, "Robin where are you?"

We recorded the Batman movie from 1966 and watch it pretty much every day.  They are beyond entranced.

I think they are friends.

Or maybe partners in crime.

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