Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts. The day after.

You can imagine that the State woke up in a few different conditions. Deeply and profoundly saddened or extremely sleep deprived or over the moon happy.  But I am assuming that not one person feels all three. 
The divide runs deep here in these blue parts. It may be a free country and I may have freedom of speech, but if I were to say out loud that I believe x or y and I voted for him or her, the stink eye would be immediate.

Did you see that? I don't have the brave soul to say out loud that I voted for Scott Brown. Whoa! I said it.  I believe in change and I did not believe in the direction of our country. I am conservative, but not conservative to the point of exclusion. I am conservative with confliction.

I was speaking with a friend the other day and we discussed this fact, the conflict of a political opinion. Has there ever been a candidate or a policy in which you whole heartedly agree? For example, I am conservative, but I believe that every woman should have a choice, should they ever find themselves in a position of needing to make a choice. I know what choice I would make.  It is not for me to judge someone else's choice.  There is only one Judge that I know of, and that is a private matter.

I do not find it necessary to engage in the political banter or debate, my beliefs are my beliefs. Your beliefs are your beliefs. It really is about respecting one another. Not getting in someone’s face and saying how ridiculous or wrong they are by voting one way or another.

One thing that has frustrated me throughout this entire race is the sweeping assumption that Senator Elect Scott Brown will filibuster when the healthcare bill gets to the floor. I am a lay person with a degree in rocks, I am not an expert on anything, except maybe poop, and having three kids in three years will do that to a person.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes...The healthcare issue. I agree that everyone in the richest country in the world, I would also add the country in the most debt in the world, have access to comprehensive and affordable health care.   All health insurance cost has increased steadily over the past decade. This is a sweeping generalization, but not that far off.

Why does health insurance continue to increase? A few of these factors are as follows: 1. Advances in medical technology. We must pay the people who are busy at work coming up with the newest Nuclear Medicine machine, i.e. MRI. 2. People are living longer because of advances in medical technology. 3. Patents on prescription drugs. These make medicine outrageously expensive until the patent expires and then a generic is available, making the drugs much more affordable.  I agree that the system is broken and I agree that reform must happen.  I disagree with a 1,900 page bill that the people who are voting on it have yet to read, review and firmly understand prior to voting.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not an expert in healthcare, only poop. I am a conservative, a wife and a mother. I felt that our governament had been reckless over the past year and I am glad that I had the opportunity, (as I heard someone put it today, "Cosmic lottery right here in Massachusetts.") to make my voice heard. Washington had become too homogenous in its democratic representation. I am glad and honored to have played a part in brining checks and balances back to Washington. I look forward to seeing how Senator Elect Brown wears his new position.  If you want to know more?  Check this out, I think it is neat and even a little funny.

If you are so inclined to comment,  please remember; if you have nothing nice to say please say nothing. 

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dave said...

Good point about the stink eye and freedom of speech. I like what you said about everyones coice. 1900 pages!? Does voting have to be so complicated?