Monday, January 4, 2010


Today we return to our regularly scheduled routines.  At least we will try.  The children are STILL sleeping after a very difficult time getting to sleep last night.  I must admit that I was surprised that they didn't have an easier time of it, considering we were up late so very late on Saturday night.  We were at the ER with O.  He is fine but yesterday we were all very very tired.

All I wanted to do was put them in bed at 7:30, which I did, but O was up running hither and yon.  M was reporting on his every move.  W was looking for his stuffed racoon, Nip Nip, which was in the car.  Quietness rolled down the stairs at approximately 9:00.  I went up stairs twice to direct them, J went up three times.

PEACE - is all I want.

edited to add:  Today their disobedience will hurt. No Wii for the day.

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