Friday, January 29, 2010

What I have done tonight

I have done a ridiculous amount of research on ADHD without the H aka Inattentive subgroup of ADHD aka ADD.  I have self diagnosed myself as having adult ADD or ADHD without the H or Inattentive subgroup of ADHD, but this isn't about me...

It is about my girl.  I view her differently.  I see her as fragile. 
She is my charge. She is my daughter.  She is wonderfully special, in so many ways.  As she sleeps on the couch I imagine the inner workings of her brain.  The synapses, the frontal cortex.  The genetics of her brain and my contribution to it all. 
But this isn't about me...
It is about my girl. 

Driven to Distraction.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Dr. Scott Brown.

Dr. Jed Hallowell

The experts.

What bothered me?
The fact that Jeremy and I  will complete a questionnaire as well her teacher, who has direct observation of her on a day to day basis.  Certainly from an academic perspective.  The results are then reviewed or 'scored' by the school psychologist and then we take them to our pediatrician.
This is the same pediatrician who when I asked for help in dealing with Will a year plus ago referred me to the most unhelpful and inappropriate resources.
I was fortunate to meet a woman at McDonald's and after we got to talking, she provided me with two viable referrals to appropriate providers.
The standard treatment for ADHD without the H?
Stimulant medication.
There are some studies that show there is some improvment with Omega-3 supplements.
Fish Oil
Special diet.
Medication is not a cure, it is merely a method to normalize the function of the brain.

Clearly, I have put the cart before the horse.
So in the meantime we wait.
Patience is a virture.

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