Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bed make over

Courtesy of Jer. 
A fine finish carpenter, if I do say so myself!

This was one of the bunk beds from my childhood.  This was Will's first big boy bed.  After a while, like this year, Jer decided to 'edit' the beds. He came up with this:

You can't see all the details here, but what you can see is that Jer built up the head boards and trimmed them out.  He also cut off the foot board so the bed is more of a platform bed.
And oh so darling for their slanty roofed room. 

I painted the room this gorgeous soft blue, that really isn't blue in the Southern sun.  The poor man at the paint counter, it was not right but he worked with me for about an hour until he didn't see my face again.
They will share a room until such time as we have equity again or a boat load of cash to build an addition.  The piece in between their beds? 
Jer built that too. 
The draw pulls are from a dresser I found on the side of the road that was oversized for our tiny home.  So when it had reached the end of its useful life for us, I took a sledge hammer to it and saved the draw pulls.

I like it. 
And we did it. 
Nothing purchased save the paint for the walls and the super duper primer for the beds.

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