Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Working mother

I work in an office and use a babysitter out of the home.  This means that when my children are sick, one of us, mostly me, has to stay home.  Jer leaves by 6:30 and on a good day, the kids are not awake as of yet.  So I must stay and care for them.

I often feel anxious and guilty with regards to work when I need to be home for my children.  But yesterday when I was home, but on a sick day as my lap top was defunct, I was working.  While working on a sick day because my lap top was defunct one of my colleagues said, "You are a parent first." 

So today I am a parent first with three sick kids.  Some more sick than others.  Some who are not well enough to go to their appointed places.

Today I am a parent first and then an employee.

This one, Oliver, is the worst of all.  He fell asleep on the couch last night, never a good sign.  His cheeks are rosy and is hesitant to take medicine. 

This one has a very productive cough, a runny nose and sick breath.  I thought I could send her to school, but her use of tissues causes me to rethink this decision.  Jer just told her, "You can get more than one boogie on a tissue."

He is feeling much better, but still coughing.  He coughs so hard that he gags, the poor little guy. 

I wish I could stop the world and pull them in under my 'wings' and comfort them all.  It is days like this I wish I were a stay at home mom and I could shut out all responsibilities and be a mom.  But alas, I cannot.  I must balance work and home. 

I am a parent first.

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