Sunday, February 21, 2010

Resolutions check-in 2

Like most people we made resolutions, J and I. Here is the list of resolutions:

J and I resolve to a monthy date, no matter what. We have a weekend away we need to complete as it was thwarted by Mother Nature. - Two months, two dates!  Weekend is tentatively scheduled for April 23rd.

J and I resolve to have a weekly meeting, we think of it as a Board meeting. We will discuss things of monetary nature and the schedules of each member of our family. - Still going strong!  Every week we have a meeting and they are heavy.  So our date night is crucial to us.

I resolve to write. Really write and focus on my skills. - Actively posting, but is that how and what I want to write? 
I resolve not to smoke. - I have smoked a total of 10 cigarettes in 2010.

I resolve to eat less without sacrifice. Food is the fuel for the most magnificent machine as well as the assistant in the celebration of life. - Need to move to a more regimented plan of eating that includes way more fruit and vegetables.
I resolve to move my body and pump my heart. - NOT good at all.  AT ALL!
I resolve to plan our lives, to the degree that I am able. I will coordinate my vacation time and use it to coincide with work holidays and the children's/J's schedule. - This has been one of the most impactful resolutions that I have ever undertaken.  What a difference in our lives.

I resolve to rise earlier than my children, on school days, to ensure peace and harmony for our mornings.- I get up earlier and have altered some of the routine, but this is working wonderfully.

I resolve to find a church and bring the children consistently to that newly found church.- This week we did not attend due to car issues, but we have gone every Sunday.  I feel very good about this.
I resolve to find the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. - I need to lean on this more and more.

In addition to the resolutions listed above, we are committed to taking control of our finances. We enrolled in Financial Peace University.  We are two classes in and still continue to track all of our bills, debts, income and spending.  We have $650 saved towards our emergency fund.  We are teaching our children how to earn, save, give and spend money.  This class is about so much more than money! 

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