Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Shmow

Where is this snow storm we are supposed to get?  Jer's sciatica is whacked out as a result he is whacked out on meds.  So I will need to shovel.  That is funny!  I mean, I would and will do it, but seriously it is one of the he jobs that I prefer not to do.

Since he is so out of commission I threw dinner together tonight, as in cheese sticks, grapes and salami.  I made guacamole for myself and Jer will have clam chowder or something.  He is feeling better, thankfully.  He had to be wheeled out of his school yesterday and it just so happened he was wheeled out by the principal. 

Can you imagine? 

I can't. 

Truthfully I have been giggling, just ever so quietly when he moans or gets off the couch.  Even better, when he described the doctor pressing on the nerve and how much it hurt, he jumped accross the room in pain.  I laughed, out loud.

Or when he called me at 3 after taking his narcotics and muscle relaxants at 12:30.

Then when he described the woman in the curtain next to him?  Oh I couldn't help myself!

Am I an awful human?

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