Monday, February 8, 2010


Was a much better day today!!!  Sun was shining.  My friend called me, my other friend is saying prayers for me and my sister's words carried me through today.

We also had our first class of Financial Peace University!  WHOA!

Absolutely fantabulously fantasic!! 

Here is where I share about the 'extras' that come with the class, because as you recall, it is about a whole lot more than money.

We spoke openly about our need for a new roof and how we have known about how we have known about the need for a new roof since January of 2004 after our home inspection.  This was to demonstrate the lack of planning that many of us experience but how it truly makes a difference to ones financial picture.  For example,  the roof now has the potential to turn into a full blown, full scale emergency.

After the meeting, two men came over to offer their skills to help us, er, Jer replace the roof.

And that?  Is about WAY more than money!

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