Monday, October 25, 2010

Two weeks ago Saturday

Two weeks ago Saturday we were introduced to our newest family member, Eliot Cooper.  In that two weeks he has slept a lot, he has nursed a lot and he has brought us all lots of joy and peace.  There is something about a new baby that gives people hope.

The older kids have embraced their new roles as big brothers and sister.  Eliot doesn't interact much with them, but soon enough he will beam at each of them with a gummy grin.  I am filled with such contentment as I spend my maternity leave with my family, it is a gift.  A gift that my children will remember, the older ones that is.  To be here when they arrive home from school, to listen to the stories of their days.  It is a gift and one that I hope to be able to do on a more regular basis in the future.

With Eliot's delivery I was reminded of my previous deliveries and how truly unique each experience was.  I am reminded of how powerful and competent my body is at birthing babies.  I am honored to have Jer as my husband and partner.  Labor was like riding a bike for both of us, he coached me beautifully.  And now our family is complete.

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