Saturday, November 13, 2010


When I was in elementary school, bullying didn't really start until 4th or 5th grade.  But alas in this new era it appears that 2nd grade is when bullying starts, at least with girls.

I stumble with how to counsel Mer, as I am protective and very defensive.  It is not appropriate to counsel her to swear.  So when she came home this week with tell of another incident she and I went to the book store.  We came home with some great titles.

She and I sat together and read the book.  In so doing, she admitted to me that she had been unkind to another girl in her class.  We talked about the different ways that people bully.  We talked about how it makes her feel and how important it is to be kind.  But also how important it is to stand up for herself. 

Her soul is thoughtful and caring, she is not selfish or rude.  She expects people to feel bad when they are unkind with purpose.  I just love her spirit and we will give her the tools to ensure that she protects that part of her spirit. 
The world can be such an ugly place, but for now, beauty still resides in her heart.

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Stephanie said...

Bets, I would love to know the names of the books. Madelyn has had some of the brattiest little girls in her class, and they started the bullying when they were 4. They will take toys away from her, tell her that she isn't playing house "right", etc. When I talked to her teachers about it they said that she was starting to give it back to them, in other words, acting the same way. That is my biggest fear--that she will become a bully herself. I keep teaching Madelyn to treat others they way that you want to be treated, and that she doesn't need to hang out with girls that are mean. But it takes all of the restraint in the world not to call the kids snotty little brats when I witness them treating my daughter or other kids this way. I forget that they are 5 and I am 35!