Friday, December 31, 2010

Behind the scenes

I know we all know this, but it struck me today so I thought I would write about it.  Jeremy and I saw the movie, "The King's Speech," today.  It was the story of King George IV and the speech therapist who helped him with his speech impediment.

Lionel, the speech therapist, was a man behind the scenes.  He was one of many people in the King's life, I presume, who assisted him along his life path.  Lionel ultimately became a life long friend.  I was touched by this movie for so many reasons, but mostly the interaction of these two humans and what Lionel meant to the King's self esteem, etc. 

Will, my first son, received karate lessons for Christmas from his Auntie.  After putting on the traditional uniform, called a Gi, he declared it "scratchy" and decided he would not be participating in the lessons.  We let him own his decision without much discussion about how much we believed he would like it.  Instead, after a few days had passed, we talked to him about why he felt that way and explained to him that perhaps it would be good for him to observe a class prior to making his final decision.  Jeremy took him to an observation class last night and he declared that he was excited and he would be taking the class.  He is currently at his first official lesson and was dressed in his Gi 1/2 hour before they were to leave for the class. 

Eventually all of our children will be adults, at that time his father and I will be  behind the scenes.  As will many people over the course of their lives.  For today we are the main attraction, a position we both hold with a great sense of responsibility, honor and pride.

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