Friday, January 28, 2011

Recap of Change

We set out last year for a whole lot of change.  And we sure did get a whole lot of change, just not the change we had planned for.  Through our lack of planning we received this gift:

A pretty awesome gift, wouldn't you say?   Those cheeks!

But as for planning we really were working on a lot of other things.  And for a long time we have been wanting to put an addition on the house.  Last year, my brother drew some plans and even built a scale model:

 since our addition came in the form of an infant:

The dream of expanding our 1,100 square foot house was put on hold, indefinitely

Until today. 

Today I made a phone call. 

A call to a resource that was provided to me last year during our personal finance course.  

As of today the dream has life. 

His parting words:  "When would you like to break ground?"

Tonight there will be no sleep, but not because of him:

Because our heads are filled with thoughts and ideas and excitement.  And above all... gratitude.

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Happy Valley Mom said...

AWESOME!! You have worked so hard!!!